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Anita McGee Coaching & Mentoring   

Anita McGee is a life coach and mentor who helps people to break free from the mental prison of poverty and negativity. Anita understands how limiting beliefs affect our daily decisions and uses her own breakthroughs to empower clients to reach their full potential. She offers a Strength-Based Mindset coaching & mentoring program that creates positive change in their lives. Anita's vision is for people who are willing to put effort into their personal growth, to be heroes in their own world, and she firmly believes that everyone has the ability to achieve greatness and live a purposeful life.

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Are you standing at the crossroads of your life journey?

Reset your Mind | Revive your strengths

You can have hope and a vision and finally believe that you are more than sufficient to achieve your dreams. Especially when you embrace the strength-based mindset.

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Are you seeking for constructive feedback and accountability for your growth and development?

Strength Maximizer | Mindset Development | Breakthrough Journals

Are you ready to pursue and fulfill your dreams? Do you need a Coach to help you stay on track? Would you like to learn how to regularly monitor your transformation? Join our individual or group sessions to sharpen your mind and strengths.

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You are one step closer being free from the limiting beliefs!

Hi, I'm Anita

I'm a life coach and mentor who helps others to renew their mindsets so that they can live a regretless life.

1. Are you at a plateau and struggling to get the breakthrough to living the life you desire?

2. Do you believe you aren't worthy or good enough to live a better life?

3. Are you afraid of dreaming and setting goals, fear of failures?

You...Are...Being Lied to!

Are you ready to have your mindset transformed?

Then I invite you to book a 30 minute complimentary BRAINSTORMING session.


Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

I can instantly feel the change!

Anita McGee is not just a coach, but she is a strategist who sees your strengths and mapping out how each of them collaborating in the way you are meant to be, then guiding your way to reach your full potential.

Steven, entrepreneur 

I wish I knew about this in my younger age!

I had the privilege of working with Anita about 6 months ago. She operates from a position of honor and Wisdom. She is very knowledgeable and enjoys the people she worlds with. She goes the extra mile to be sure that you are being taken care of. I fully trust and honor Anita. She helped me to understand some things I myself I didn't know were there. Anita is trustworthy and diligent, she will work with you until you get your break through. For me she was a game changer in my life. Blessings always

Vickie Williams Author

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It's time to build a Strength-Based Mindset

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