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My passion

​I desire to see you become empowered to make fundamental, long-lasting changes to your life and for those around you. I will support you in creating new pathways to make changes in your daily life and achieve your goals according to your strategic plans.

You inspire people around you with your strengths, and they enjoy being with you because you always show up as the best you are. 

It will be my honor to work with you as a guide.

My top 10 strengths are:

strategic, relator, positivity, responsibility, arranger, connectedness, belief, activator, maximizer, self-assurance

I am a wife to JR McGee, www.jrmcgee.com.

A mom of four beautiful children. 

My husband and I have been the founders of a charity to serve underprivileged children since 1998. We have set up a future leader training center and these leaders are leading the organization and continuing the mission till today.

We have partnered with different institutions, schools, churches, and governments in different projects for building systems, teams, and well-being. 

I am a certified strength-based development coach and mentor for personal, family, and organizational growth.

All the prceeds will donate to charity work: www.rescuekids.org.


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